Rock and Roll Mobile Rocking Chair

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Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair combines innvoative, user friendly features that provide psychosocial well-being, along with numerous other health related benefits. Its ergonomic design provides the highet level of comfort and help to avoid complications cause by long-term confinement.

• Height adjustable headrest
• Ergonomic seat with high backrest
• Hinged armrests
• Sliding footrest
• Innovative rocking mechanism
• Locking handles (dual-sided)
• Casters with individual wheel locking

Features Width Depth Height
Overall 67cm 83cm 117cm
Seat* 48cm 46cm 45cm
Back Height from Seat 80cm
Arm Height 63cm
Arm Height From Seat 21cm

* Seating height can be adjusted for different statures and leg lengths using the forward bracket >underneath the seat.
The Rock and Roll Mobile Rocking Chair is suitable for patients who need noninvasive therapeutic treatment for a wide range of medical conditions.