Universal Sling

The Universal Deluxe Sling is a hybrid sling designed to offer the full support of a hammock sling with the function of a universal.
Carers can apply and remove the sling while the user is seated in a chair.
Full padded support of the upper thigh gives maximum comfort, lifting from both inner and outer thigh to reduce hip rotation and abduction.
Suitable for the majority of users including amputees and those prone to excessive movements.
The carer is able to easily apply the sling using the pocket.
Available with padded head support.
Secured by loop or clip fastenings.
All our slings have woven labels, making the life of each sling longer as the label will not fade.
Our entire sling range is manufactured to a very high quality in the UK. There is extra stitching to increase the quality and safe working load.

  • Available sizes S-XL
  • Available in Polyester and Super Soft
  • Available with loop or clip fastenings
  • Cleaning instructions provided
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Polyester