Wall Mounted Evacuation Mattress with Storage Bag

The Wall Mounted Evacuation Mattress with Storage Bag, is a popular evacuation item throughout the healthcare industry, and is just one of many within the Harvest Healthcare Evacuation range.
The 50mm foam mattress can be safely stored out of the way for emergencies, by folding into the storage bag and mounting to the wall.
During evacuation, the patient can be transferred to the mattress and secured using the straps provided, before being carried to safety. They will also receive some comfort thanks to the mattress being foam based.
For an alternative, please click through to the evacuation sheet.
This product is not designed to provide pressure relief. The foam mattress is only there to provide some protection to the end-user when they are being evacuated from the incident.

  • Storage bag for easy access
  • All materials fire retardant and vigorously tested for strength